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04 Mar

Bemrose in South Africa – Fundraising Begins

21 Miles, 7 hours, 15 blisters and nearly 50,000 steps later, we have just completed our first official fundraiser for our trip to South Africa next year. 

The day started at Derby Train Station at 9am. It was at this point we realised that we would all have to be walking with Phil dressed as a Granny all day, but buckets in hand we set off … for Greggs. 

At some point after making our way through the City Centre, and down Duffield Road, Daniel and Leon, abandoned the buckets. They didn’t quite match their outfits, plus non of us were ever going to be brave enough to ask people in the street for donations. 

It was a pretty easy route, until the vital decision to walk through Duffield on pavements or fields came along. Of course Daniel picked the fields so off we went through sheep, horses, and lots of mud. Obviously I slipped over in the mud, Phil jumped over a brook and with Daniel and Leon leading the way, finding the actual public footpath gates was a real challenge. A couple of friendly farmers kindly directed us off their farm back onto the right track, and off into Belper we went. 

After 3 hours of walking, and with a weather report from Phil’s Dad, informing us we were about to get rained on, we took the not so difficult decision to stop off at The Devonshire pub for dinner.  

After our short break we got back to the walk and started the remainder of the 4 hour journey. The road from Belper to Ambergate and then up on to the Derbyshire Dales felt like it would never end at times. I was definitely slower than the lads but they did stop and wait for me, even if I did walk up to them playing some suspect games at times.

Phil, who had informed Radio Derby of our efforts, got loads of cars beeping at him, along with lots of strange but approving looks. #PhylisOnTour is definitely going to be a regular thing for him now. 

At around 5pm we finally made it to Matlock Train Station. One last photo and a quick dash to the car, and we had finished. Phil’s Mum kindly agreed to drive us back to Derby, and with a backseat full of drinks and snacks, we all sat back and rested our 8 achy legs. 

We have a long way to go to raise the money needed but we are so grateful for everyone’s kind donations so far.