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Inclusion Welcome

Our aim is to help build students’ social, academic and independence skills to enable them to become confident young people who understand the world around them and are able to make a positive contribution to the community in which they live.

Inclusion Outline

Area description

  • Enhanced Resourced facility Students are statemented and have communication difficulties, including autism.
  • Elmtree Students are statemented and have diagnosis of autism
  • LSU Emotional and behavioural support with a multi agency approach.
  • SEN Students with special educational needs in-class and withdrawal

All our statemented students have key workers who liaise between home, school and external agencies

What we provide:

  • Excel
  • Literacy Withdrawal
  • Entry Level English
  • T16
  • Fresh Start
  • OZ Box
  • One to One Mentoring
  • Social Skills
  • Girls’ Group
  • Boys’ Group
  • SLT
  • Behaviour Management Plans
  • Home School Liaison
  • Classroom Support
  • Sight/Hearing and Physio Support
  • Transition
  • Post 16 Transition
  • Independence Training
  • Transport Training
  • Break and Lunchtime Support

Inclusion Staff

  • Ms A Kearney  Learning Director SENCO
  • Mr P Allen Deputy SENCO
  • Mrs S Parekh  Deputy SENCO
  • Ms K Plummer  Elmtree Manager
  • Mrs J Chapman  Care and Guidance Team Leader
  • Ms D Burton  Teaching Assistant
  • Ms D Claire  Teaching Assistant
  • Ms J Deley   Teaching Assistant
  • Ms G Elliott   Lead TA: ERF
  • Mr R Harrison   Seclusion Room Co-ordinator
  • Mrs L Hassall   Teaching Assistant
  • Ms B Hegarty  Teaching Assistant
  • Mr S Khan   Family Visitor
  • Miss F Kokoszko   Appletree Manager
  • Ms L McAuliffe  Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Literacy
  • Miss E Fairbrother  Access Arangements
  • Miss M Troscenko  SLT Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs S McAuliffe  Teaching Assistant
  • Mr J Bailey  Teaching Assistant
  • Miss S Johnson  Teaching Assistant
  • Mr D Millward  Teaching Assistant
  • Ms E Spark   Teaching Assistant
  • Ms A Thornhill   Teaching Assistant
  • Miss H Trenear  Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs J Viner   Teaching Assistant

Inclusion Extra – Work

  • Visits/Fieldtrips for each year
  • Residential
  • Life skills visits
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Homework Club
  • Games Club


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