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22 Sep

COVID-19 Vaccinations

As you’ll be aware there is a vaccination roll out being offered to 12 to 15 year olds.  This roll out is starting in Derby schools next week.  The vaccination team will visit Bemrose on Thursday 7th October.

I have spoken to the pupils about this vaccination roll out in an assembly and this letter is to make you aware like this opportunity is being offered. Taking the vaccination is highly recommended in the prevention of the spread of Covid.  The idea being a vaccinated person is less likely to contract Covid and also spread Covid in their family and close community.

As a parent you have a choice as to whether your child is vaccinated and we as a school will not mandate this, but we do encourage it.  We will support families in the completion of the form, if needed.

Please click here for more information and details of how to give consent for your son or daughter to be vaccinated.  The deadline for returns is the end of the day Tuesday 5th October.

If you have any questions please ask as we want to support the school community through this period.

We are really pleased with the start pupils have made and it is lovely to see school operating as normally as we can. 

Yours sincerely

Neil Wilkinson

Executive Headteacher