The Bemrose Nursery

Pupils receive expert help to gain the reading and writing skills they need to do well in all subjects. As a result, pupils make good progress

There is much joy in this school. Pupils value their teachers, and the rich and diverse community in which they learn

Teachers take account of individual pupils’ needs in their good lesson planning. They make sure that pupils, even those who arrive at unusual points in the school year, are quickly assimilated and make good progress

Teaching is strong in the sixth form. Teachers are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. They show great commitment. Students are fulsome in their praise of the impact their teachers have had on their future education

Lessons are characterised by strong and positive relationships between pupils and teachers. Teachers know pupils well. Often teachers target the learning that individual pupils need because they know them so well

In key stages 1 and 2 teachers plan many opportunities for pupils to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Welcome to The Bemrose School Nursery

We are committed to ensuring that all children feel safe, secure and happy in the Nursery environment. That they develop a love of learning through a variety of challenges and experiences and that they develop skills to become kind, caring and considerate young individuals. The children of our Nursery become part of our ever growing Bemrose community.

We strive to;

  • Provide a stimulating environment where children are excited to come and learn at an appropriate rate for each individual.
  • Encourage children to take an interest in their environment and want to know more.
  • Provide a language rich environment where children can develop both speaking and listening skills.
  • Encourage children to be confident, independent and develop a range of skills through a wide variety of games, activities and learning opportunities.
  • Develop positive attitudes and be able to look after themselves and others.
  • Encourage children to enquire, investigate and develop thinking skills.


Session Options:

We offer a variety of sessions at our Nursery.

The morning session is: 08:40 – 11:50am

The afternoon session is: 11.50 – 15:15pm.

You can choose a variety of options that suit your childcare needs:

Option 1 (2.5 days) – Monday/Tuesday 08.40 – 15:15, Wednesday 08:40 – 11:50.

Option 2 (2.5 days) – Wednesday 11.50 – 15:15, Thursday/Friday 8.40 – 15:15.

Option 3 (2.5 days) – Every morning.

Option 4 (2.5 days) – Every afternoon.

Option 5 (5 days) – Morning and Afternoon Session every day.

If you have any enquires please don’t hesitate to contact the school office, where we will be happy to answer any questions. We hope that your children will enjoy their time at our Nursery and will be fully prepared for their time at school.


Curriculum for the Nursery children in the Early Years Foundation Stage

What does learning look like in The Bemrose School Nursery? Click here to find out.

The children in Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This is based on seven areas of learning, with each area having a set of objectives that lead towards Early Learning Goals. Please click the links below for more information.