Continuing Professional Learning (CPL)

Continuing Professional Learning (CPL)

At The Bemrose School, staff development is a key priority to ensure that we are prepared and confident in providing the best possible educational experience for our students.  Continuing Professional Development is encouraged and facilitated in a number of ways.

Teaching and Learning Communities (TLCs)

Every half term, teachers and teaching assistants across the primary and secondary phase meet to develop their understanding of a pedagogical area as relevant to the school improvement plan.  This is an opportunity to share good practice, to coach others and to be coached.

The TLC groups are made up of combined subject areas and led by an experienced teacher.  Staff have the opportunity to take on leadership of a TLC on an annual basis.

In the academic year 20/21, the TLCs focused on literacy strategies including whole school implementation of Reciprocal Reader and Tier 2 vocabulary.

The BemroseTeach Bulletin

Every week, we publish the BemroseTeach Bulletin, a resource in which teaching and learning strategies are explained and made relevant across Key Stages and subject areas.  The bulletin is also accessible to staff at other schools by request.


INSET Days at The Bemrose School are varied, and focused on the school priorities.  Where possible, staff have a choice of training opportunities so that there is an element of self-direction in CPL.

Internal CPL programme

Our internal CPL programme is comprehensive and encompasses a range of disciplines.  Staff are able to choose a minimum of four sessions to attend over the course of the year, however, they are free to attend as many as they like.  These sessions are delivered by experienced practitioners.  By having a menu of CPL activities, staff are enabled to develop themselves in areas that interest them.

External Courses

As Derby is in an Opportunity Area, currently, National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are fully funded.  We consider all applications to embark on an NPQ.

Staff are able to request professional leave of absence to attend external CPD where it is relevant to their development targets.

In-house coaching

Our staff are able to request in-house, and are able to be coaches for others.  Where possible, time is made available to ensure that coaching is effective and during the school day.