Transition work for Year 11 into Year 12

Pupils receive expert help to gain the reading and writing skills they need to do well in all subjects. As a result, pupils make good progress

There is much joy in this school. Pupils value their teachers, and the rich and diverse community in which they learn

Teachers take account of individual pupils’ needs in their good lesson planning. They make sure that pupils, even those who arrive at unusual points in the school year, are quickly assimilated and make good progress

Teaching is strong in the sixth form. Teachers are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. They show great commitment. Students are fulsome in their praise of the impact their teachers have had on their future education

Lessons are characterised by strong and positive relationships between pupils and teachers. Teachers know pupils well. Often teachers target the learning that individual pupils need because they know them so well

In key stages 1 and 2 teachers plan many opportunities for pupils to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills.

To all prospective Year 12 students hoping to join Bemrose Sixth Form

You should now have finished your GCSE courses, which means you are ready to start completing transition work in preparation for your post-16 courses in September. On this page, you will find the transition work for your sixth form subjects.

You are expected to complete the work for the subjects you have been offered a place for. We expect you to be working on this and to hand it in either in hard copy or electronically the start of Year 12.

Completion of this transition work is important; it shows your interest in the subject you intend to study. It will also give you an insight into whether the subject is right for you. If you decide the subject is not right for you, you may be able to change once you have your results. Changes can be discussed after your GCSE results are released on Thursday 20 August. The options we will be running in September 2020 are:

Option AOption BOption COption DOption E Option F
SociologyApplied ScienceEnglish LanguageBusiness StudiesGCSE Maths ResitLevel 1 Childcare
GCSE EnglishForensic Science & Criminal Investigation 1Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation 2Health & Social Care-Level 2 Childcare
-Child DevelopmentDouble Business Studies---

Good luck and we will look forward to seeing you in September.

Mr Wesley

Head of Post 16

To view the Sixth Form Applicant letter please click here 


If you are intending to resit your Maths, you will need to complete the 3 papers for the first lesson in September.

  • Click here for Paper 1
  • Click here for Paper 2
  • Click here for Paper 3

Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation

  • Click here for your Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation transition work

English Language

  • Click here for your English Language transition work

Applied Science

  • Click here for your science transition work


  • Click here for your sociology transition work


  • Click here for your business transition work

Health and Social Care

  • Click here for your Health and Social Care transition work

Child Development

  • Click here for your Child Development transition work
  • Click here for the Child Development Reading List

Level 1 Childcare

  • Click here for your Level 1 Childcare Transition Task 1
  • Click here for your Level 1 Childcare Transition Task 2
  • Click here for your Level 1 Childcare Transition Task 2 Research Table

Level 2 Childcare

  • Click here for your Level 2 Childcare Transition Task 1
  • Click here for your Level 2 Childcare Transition Task 2
  • Click here for your Level 2 Childcare Transition Task 3