Vision and Values

Pupils receive expert help to gain the reading and writing skills they need to do well in all subjects. As a result, pupils make good progress

There is much joy in this school. Pupils value their teachers, and the rich and diverse community in which they learn

Teachers take account of individual pupils’ needs in their good lesson planning. They make sure that pupils, even those who arrive at unusual points in the school year, are quickly assimilated and make good progress

Teaching is strong in the sixth form. Teachers are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. They show great commitment. Students are fulsome in their praise of the impact their teachers have had on their future education

Lessons are characterised by strong and positive relationships between pupils and teachers. Teachers know pupils well. Often teachers target the learning that individual pupils need because they know them so well

In key stages 1 and 2 teachers plan many opportunities for pupils to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills.

The Vision and Values of The Bemrose School community

Following the last visit from Ofsted we as staff and governors spent time thinking about our journey of improvement and what we wanted to achieve next. We were encouraged, though not surprised, by the synergy between the responses of the different groups. Typical phrases used were:

·         To develop successful individuals through high quality teaching and learning and the relentless desire to be the best

·         Where potential is harnessed and the journey begins

·         Producing the thinkers of the future

·         Transforming young lives through effective teaching, guidance and care, engaging the leaders of tomorrow

·         To offer a unique and inclusive community which inspires all its people to reach their potential

·         Providing a platform for growth and shaping our future

·         Enriching lives, inspiring learning, maximising potential and celebrating diversity

·         To put the potential and the dreams of young people first.

We are united in our belief that lives can be changed by education, no matter what challenges we all face. We do not select our students – they select us. They represent cultures, beliefs, languages and races from all over the world. Their starting points are varied both in terms of when they join us and also what they are able to do at the beginning.

Our vision is simple:

‘A School that delivers high quality teaching, which ensures that all of our young people exceed their expectations that inspires them to achieve their full potential throughout their whole life.’

This is achieved through the following:

The Bemrose School has, at its core, the key values of ambition, hard work, fairness and mutual respect which support a positive learning environment for everyone. We know and understand all of our students using robust systems to maximise progress and personal development and maintaining strong relationships with parents to drive the resilience and aspiration of every individual.

A broad and balanced learning experience from 3-19 years is delivered by high calibre staff who have the students’ needs at the heart of all that they do. Our school environment reflects our high standards supporting first class provision; continued investment in the school environment allows teaching and learning to take place using the most up to date technologies in surroundings which are conducive to happy and purposeful learning.


In order to support and maintain our warm and cohesive community, our values must be explicit and uncompromising. We are driven by our commitment to:

·         Equality

·         Mutual respect, tolerance and celebration of those whose faiths and beliefs are different from our own

·         Democracy

·         Enjoying our rights and ensuring our responsibilities towards each other and society (known at the moment as ‘the rule of law’)

·         Individual liberty

·         Cohesion

For all of these values, we put the needs of the young people first.

Examples of how we promote these values:

·         The school house system provides a highly supportive care and guidance system and dedicated house leaders.

·         The school sets out an aspirational curriculum that builds over time, allowing children to make choices that allows then to aspire to become adults of the future. This includes EBAC, sciences, humanities and the arts. Our curriculum meets the needs of all and their ambition.

·         Students’ views are sought, whilst their ability to express those views is developed, through tutor based ‘Let’s Explore’ (a supported discussion of a topic in the tutor group), Student Council, charity leadership opportunities, school prefects, House and Sports Captains, Head Girl and Head Boy. Those who may find this particularly difficult receive extra support through Nurture Groups, Social Skills lessons, Breakfast Clubs and other groups.

·         School governors operate strategically to oversee the development of the school using carefully chosen performance indicators, to ensure legal and equal opportunities compliance.

·         Our behaviour policies place emphasis on the need to show respect to each other – sexist, racist and homophobic language is always challenged.

·         Interruptions to learning are not tolerated – students are warned and supported to show respect to other learners but firm action is always taken as a last resort if necessary. Examples of such action are internal seclusion, Head’s and Governor’s warnings and Night School – all of these include the student in the school community.

·         Our uniform unites us whilst being affordable and respectful of other religious beliefs.

·         A well organised assembly schedule ensures religious festivals are noted and enjoyed whilst also supporting the communication of right and wrong.

·         The school curriculum provides further opportunities to promote these values eg PSHE sessions on Curriculum Enrichment days taught by a trained group of Humanities teachers, Humanities is an ongoing thread throughout all of the students’ time in school in one form or another ensuing religious tolerance is taught and reinforced and that historical events and ideas are debated, English texts are chosen from a variety of cultural backgrounds

Be safe be seen, the Derby City Council initiative is used to ensure children have a good understanding of road safety.

Occasionally, we show our commitment to these values by making difficult decisions.

·         A recent example came about when it was announced that the first attempt only of GCSE qualifications would count in school league tables. Governors, school leaders, staff and students believed that the opportunity to try and try again was important for the vast majority of our students and led to much better final outcomes for each student. As a result, the school’s position in the league tables was sacrificed in order to put the needs of our young people first.

·         The school sets out a fully integrated and aspirational curriculum all through a child’s life at The Bemrose School that builds over time. We offer EBAC, sciences, humanities and the arts to all pupils. The school works with the children to develop their curriculum choices to meet their needs, encourage aspirational goals and allowing them to secure the skills required to be prepared for life as an adult in the society of the future.

·         There are occasion when we may consider that entering a young person for 8 or more qualifications is not in their best interests and we will tailor a curriculum that best meets their needs now and into the future.