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Languages Welcome

We aim to provide an interesting and culturally rich experience of language learning. We integrate traditional teaching and new technology to engage our students and make learning a new language relevant and interactive.

Students have the opportunity to carry on with their language study at GCSE and we can support speakers of community languages with GCSE qualifications, if available.

Languages including EAL News

Languages including EAL Staff

  • Mrs. N. Campbell – Learning Director
  • Mr. G. John – French Teacher
  • Mrs. M. Merino-Sharratt – Spanish and French Teacher

Languages including EAL Assessment

Students will complete Key Tasks and End of Unit assessments in all four skill areas as well as learning translation skills in preparation for their GCSEs.

Languages including EAL Course Outline

Languages are part of the cultural richness of our society and the world in which we live and work. Learning languages contributes to mutual understanding and a sense of global citizenship, necessary for an outward looking person in this changing world. Students will learn to appreciate different countries and cultures as they gain a deeper understanding of the language. Being able to converse in other languages is important for travel as well as opening doors to business opportunities and career choices. The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a lifelong skill with benefits on many levels.

KS3 French

We follow the Allez course over three years.

KS3 Spanish

We follow the Mira course over three years

GCSE French

We follow the AQA course over two years.

GCSE Spanish

We follow the AQA course over two years.

Community Languages

We try to support students, which already have the ability to speak and write in one of the community languages available at GCSE, to sit their exam during KS4.