Several members of staff have trained at The Bemrose School, sought and gained employment at The Bemrose School and remained here – for some time. Here are some quotes from our home grown talents!

I had the pleasure of completing the second part of my PGCE training at The Bemrose School. The moment I arrived at the school I knew I wanted to establish my  teaching career here. Teaching can be challenging but, I love it! The department was welcoming, the students were enthusiastic and I loved the feeling in and around school. I have been here for nearly seven years now – and I love it more than ever! Every day is different.

Throughout my training experience at Bemrose I felt welcome and was thoroughly supported. Both staff and students are open and accommodating to trainees. The environment is diverse at times and extremely challenging but there is a strong sense of community within the school and of working to achieve goals collaboratively. I chose to work Bemrose because I knew that it would give me what I wanted out of a teaching career: enjoyment, variety, opportunities and overall fulfilment.

The Bemrose School was my Teaching Practice school, the part of the PGCE where you make it or break it as a teacher. The contrast to my last placement was huge, but I found m time at The Bemrose School to be exciting, challenging and fun – everyday was different and I wanted to be challenged! The students are what make this school special, they are so welcoming and they really do appreciate everything you do for them (even if they don’t want to show it all of the time!). I loved my first placement and I thought that was the type of school I wanted to working in…however, my time at Bemrose turned that notion on its head and I was left with the predicament of where did I want to teach? I was so pleased to be offered a job here at Bemrose, I felt at home within the English department (who made me feel welcome from day one) and I felt settled in the school in general, thanks to both the students and staff. My placement here helped to develop me so much as a teacher and this has continued through my time here at Bemrose.