We work closely with a number of providers including Derby College and Landau Forte to play a key role in developing the next generation of teachers. We recognise, as a school, the benefits of having trainees in departments and welcome their contributions. Each trainee will have a subject specific mentor whom they will meet with weekly, as well as a professional mentor whom they will meet with at least once a fortnight. In addition, trainees will have access to all of our timetabled staff CPD sessions as well as bespoke sessions led by a member of staff in a specialist area.

  • Ms R Broderick – Safeguarding Procedures at Bemrose
  • Mrs A Kearney – SEND provision at Bemrose
  • Mr M Rowe – Behaviour and Attendance
  • Mrs S Baird – Professional Mentor and Teaching and Learning


This will include:

  • Welcome meeting and Health and Safety Briefing
  • Introduction to the form group you will be working with
  • Tour of the school with members of the Student Body
  • Meetings with key members of the Senior Team
  • Introduction to the role of the Head of Year and Pastoral team at Bemrose
  • Pupil trail to experience what a day in the life of a student at Bemrose is like and an opportunity to observe lessons in a range of subject areas
  • Lunch with Apple Tree and Elm Tree students


Each week, associate teachers will have the opportunity to attend additional timetabled CPD sessions in areas such as:

  • Lesson Planning
  • Assessment for Learning and Feedback
  • Questioning
  • Peer and Self Assessment
  • Learning and Memory
  • Post 16 Teaching and Learning
  • Adaptive teaching
  • Stretch and Challenge
  • Behaviour Management

These sessions are run by expert staff in these areas and the delivery forms a part of their development CPD.

This programme is supplemented with regular meetings with the Professional Mentor to discuss progress through the programme and the opportunity to meet with groups of students to ask questions about what makes an effective teacher/lesson.

ECT Provision at The Bemrose School

We are proud to continue to welcome a growing number of Early Career Teachers to Bemrose and take our responsibility to them for early career professional development very seriously.

We partner with the Spencer Teaching School Hub to deliver a robust and outstanding programme of individualised support to our teachers new to the profession.

We also have teachers start their career with us through the Teach First Programme and go on to begin their ECT journey in their second year of Teach First.

Intent of the Programme

The programme aims to ensure that all aspects of the National Framework for induction are met whilst ensuring that we personalise it to meet the needs of our local context. The programme makes use of evidence led training designed around what really works, and how pupils learn, for effective improvement in teacher practice and student outcomes.

Our over-arching aim is to develop and support new teachers into the profession so that they continue to develop their love of learning and want to stay in the classroom for many years to come. The programme of study is matched by a supportive environment in which to train and the well-being of staff is at the heart of training plans.


We follow the funded training provider route for all of our ECTs and partner with the Spencer Teaching School Hub as our lead provider.

All first year ECTs have at least a 10% reduction in their timetable and time to meet each week with their subject assigned mentor.

All second year ECTs have at least a 5% reduction in their timetable and time to meet at least once a fortnight with their subject assigned mentor.

In addition to this, the Induction Tutor (Deputy Head, Shelley Baird) meets regularly with the ECTs and their mentors to ensure that all support required is being provided and offer additional support as needed. We run half termly ECTea and Biscuit sessions which offer informal opportunities for the ECTs to meet as a group and share challenges and successes and gain additional support.

ECTs are invited to attend all additional masterclass training to support their pedagogy and benefit from school experience across all phases from EYFS to KS5.


In the last 3 years, we have successfully taken an increasing number of ECTs through the programme at Bemrose and we have several ECTs currently on programme. Of those who have successfully completed their induction all have remained in teaching at Bemrose for the start of their career.

When asked about their experience of the ECT inducton at Bemrose, they said…

“I thoroughly enjoyed my ECT year at Bemrose. I have been able to develop as a practitioner in more ways than I could have imagined, however, I could not have done it without the excellent support for my mentor, Creatives team and colleagues in the wider school.” Lucy Docker 1 year post ECT

“The ECT years at Bemrose were really good. The ECF was easy to access and very relatable to every stage of teaching during the first two years. The support I had was excellent from my ECT mentor during the two years and I was able to get advice on how to deal with all aspects that come with being a new teacher” Jeffrey Obieze (1 Year Post ECT).


We recognise that many teachers are still developing aspects of their practice following their ECT years and we will continue to offer a structured programme of support.

In order to help with the transition from ECT to RQT, we continue the work that they will have been doing with a departmental mentor and prioritise their access to subject specific CPD.

Many of our recently qualified teachers are keen to begin taking a more active role in the wider school life and begin taking some responsibility and whilst this is encouraged, we need to ensure that it is carefully managed to ensure that development of teaching practice remains the priority.

Within the departments, whilst they will continue to work closely with their departmental mentor, support from the ECT Induction Tutor (S Baird) is still available.

Last year, some of our recently qualified staff, established extra curricula activities, worked with pastoral teams to gain insight into the role and delivered sessions to the ECTs and ITT students about their experiences and this will continue this year.

Recently qualified teachers will be prioritised for teaching and learning support through lesson drop ins so that they continue to receive feedback to further their practice.