The Vision and Values of The Bemrose School

As staff and governors of The Bemrose School we have spent time thinking about our journey of improvement and what we wanted to achieve next. Typical phrases used were:

  • To develop successful individuals through high quality teaching and learning and the relentless desire to be the best.
  • Where potential is harnessed and the journey begins.
  • Producing the thinkers of the future.
  • Transforming young lives through effective teaching, guidance and care, engaging the leaders of tomorrow.
  • To offer a unique and inclusive community which inspires all its people to reach their potential by preparing them for future life in an ever-changing world.
  • Providing a platform for growth and shaping our future.
  • Enriching lives, inspiring learning, maximising potential and celebrating diversity.
  • To put the potential and the dreams of young people first.

We are united in our belief that lives can be changed by education, no matter what challenges we all face. We do not select our pupils – they select us. They represent cultures, beliefs, languages and races from all over the world. Their starting points are varied both in terms of when they join us and also what they are able to do at the beginning.

Our mission

‘The Bemrose School delivers high quality teaching that ensures all of our young people exceed their expectations and inspires them to achieve their full potential throughout their whole life. ‘

This is achieved through the following:

The Bemrose School has at its core, the key values of ambition, hard work, fairness and mutual respect which support a positive learning environment for everyone. We know and understand all our pupils using robust systems to maximise progress and personal development and maintaining strong relationships with parents to drive the resilience and aspiration of every individual.

A broad and balanced learning experience from 3-19 is delivered by high calibre staff who have the pupil’s needs at the heart of all that they do. Our school environment reflects our high standards supporting first class provision; continued investment in the school environment allows teaching and learning to take place using the most up to date technologies in surroundings which are conducive to happy and purposeful learning.