The Bemrose School is a very different school from the vast majority of schools in this country, recently described in our March 18 Ofsted inspection as ‘a gem of a school’. These differences are very difficult to sum up in a few words and nothing beats a visit! If you are interested in working within a context which is stimulating and hugely rewarding with a great team of adults and some wonderful children and young people then please read on in our School Synopsis.

School Synopsis

Work Experience and Volunteering

The Bemrose School receives many requests from people hoping to spend some time working with our pupils. This provides valuable experience for those thinking of entering the teaching profession particularly and we welcome any support that we receive in return.

Work Experience

We welcome applications from former pupils in particular. Some ex Bemrosians are with us as part of a college course and some arrange to visit to gain experience of working with young people of their own volition.

Most placements are for a week or two, but some university placements can be for 6 weeks or more.


Most people volunteer for lengthy period of time and all departments are open to the idea of hosting a volunteer.

Within the last year for example, we have had volunteers working in PE, Maths, English, Science, Performing Arts, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), Special Educational Needs (SEN) and in our English as an Additional Language (EAL) departments.

All volunteers need to be cleared by the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) and are required to undergo Health and Safety training upon arrival at the school.

How to contact us

Please email with your details and this will be forwarded to the most appropriate person.

Exit interviews always comment on the friendly nature of staff and pupils alike and most people state that they would apply for a job if there was one available!