What People say about us…

At The Bemrose School, we frequently welcome visitors to come and see the great work that we are doing and welcome collaborations with several organisations to enhance the experience for our pupils.

Here are some of the many positive comments that we have received from these visitors.

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone in science for the opportunity to train and gain experience here at Bemrose. I have enjoyed seeing what amazing teachers you all are, as well as getting stuck in teaching a little and getting to know some of the students.

I really appreciate all the time and support everyone has given me across the department it has made me feel welcome from the start. My time here may have been brief but I feel I have learnt a lot. Once again, thank you for this invaluable experience.”

Associate Teacher Science Department Jan 24

“I think the thank you has to go to you! Everyone has been raving about what a fantastic day they had with you, the insight it has given them and how much they learnt. I cannot thank you enough. I think it’s so important that HE providers and schools work together for ITE, the theory is all very well – but how does it translate into practice, and yesterday was an invaluable example of this.

Thank you for all your hard work both in the preparation and the delivery of an outstanding experience.”

University of Derby Tutor February 2024 following EAL experience day for Associate Teachers

“Thank you so much for being so welcoming, you are all doing a great job and your pupils are thriving!”

Associate Teacher University of Derby following EAL Experience day

“Wanted to thank staff, … has received a certificate for 100% attendance in the Autumn term and she has just received another letter, congratulating her for 100% attendance. We are delighted with this and wanted to thank school for passing on good news to parents it means a lot to me and my child.”

Parent of Year 8 Pupil following Attendance Support Intervention

“The Stem outreach/maths tutoring Program is a great way to provide opportunity for the students and Volunteers, Students can receive one-to-one study support which enables them to ask more question improving productivity and understanding in a core subject. Great to see that the staff at Bemrose School providing fantastic support/opportunities to students at foundation Level and advanced Level at such a crucial time in their education.”

Caroline Dry – Rolls-Royce Maths Tutoring Programme.

“Great to return to the School as part of the Stem Outreach Project which I attended as a student between 1990 to 1995 and to see the school expand and update its facilities to give the current students a great opportunity to build a solid foundation to their education.”

Mark McKenna – Rolls-Royce Maths Tutoring Programme.

“I found Bemrose to be a true community school. As an associate teacher, new placements can be intimidating, but Bemrose is nothing like that- it is welcoming, friendly, supportive and positive. In a short time I have learned so much from their CPD programme and the excellent quality of teaching that I have observed. Positive relationships between staff and pupils are really apparent at Bemrose, and being a part of this environment has made me realise I want to be a part of a school community exactly like this. Thank you for a very rewarding placement!”

Associate Teacher

“The Bemrose School has taught me how important relationships with students are and reminded me why I decided to come into the profession. Once the foundations are laid the students at this school would go to the end of the Earth for you! I have had experiences in my short time at Bemrose that will carry throughout my teaching career.”

Associate Teacher