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Across our school, we have a culture of ‘everyone can do maths’ for both adults and children.

We want all pupils to experience success no matter what their starting point and our curriculum means that every student will leave the secondary phase with a formal qualification in Mathematics.

We encourage all of our pupils to progress further in their education and recognise the central importance of maths to: functioning as citizens in an ever-changing world; securing education, employment or training; and, to local industry.

At The Bemrose School every pupil will learn to reason mathematically and will become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics. Every pupil will be able to enquire and rationalise.

Every pupil will feel safe in their maths environment and confident in the mathematical knowledge they have gained.


Maths Unit of Work

Year 7 Maths

Year 8 Maths

Year 9 Maths

Year 10 Maths

Year 11 Maths

TopicExample(s)Exam QuestionsSolutions
Writing and Simplifying RatioRevision
Writing a Ratio as a Fraction or Linear FunctionRevision
ProportionRevisionProportion Ingredients QuestionsSolutions
Percentage ChangeRevision
Exchange RatesRevisionExchange RatesSolutions
Best Buy QuestionsRevisionBest BuysSolutions
Solving EquationsRevision
Solving Equations with an Unknown on Both SidesRevisionSolving EquationsSolutions
Drawing GraphsRevisionDrawing GraphsSolutions
Area and Circumference of CirclesRevisionCircles
TransformationsRevisionMixed TransformationsSolutions
Area of Compound ShapesRevisionArea of Compound ShapesSolutions
Two Way TablesRevision
TopicExample(s)Exam QuestionsSolutions
Reverse PercentagesRevisionReverse PercentagesSolutions
Standard FormRevisionStandard FormSolutions
Speed and DensityRevisionSpeed and DensitySolutions
Changing the Subject of a FormulaRevisionChanging the Subject of a FormulaSolutions
Expanding and Factorising QuadraticsRevisionExpanding and Factorising QuadraticsSolutions
Solving QuadraticsRevisionSolving QuadraticsSolutions
Drawing Quadratic GraphsRevisionDrawing Quadratic GraphsSolutions
Drawing Other Graphs: Cubic/ReciprocalRevisionCubic/Reciprocal GraphsSolutions
Simultaneous EquationsRevisionSimultaneous EquationsSolutions
Solving Simultaneous Equations GraphicallyRevisionSolving Simultaneous Equations GraphicallySolutions
Midpoint of a Line SegmentRevision
Gradient of a LineRevision
Equation of a LineRevisionEquation of a LineSolutions
Spheres and ConesRevisionSpheres and ConesSolutions
Sector Areas and Arc LengthsRevisionSectors and ArcsSolutions
Similar Shapes (Lengths)RevisionSimilar Shapes (Length)Solutions
Exact trig valuesRevision
Congruent TrianglesRevisionCongruent TrianglesSolutions
Probability TreesRevisionProbability TreesSolutions
Venn DiagramsRevisionVenn DiagramsSolutions
TopicExample(s)Exam QuestionsSolutions
Recurring Decimals to FractionsRevisionConverting Recurring Decimals to FractionsSolutions
Fractional and Negative IndicesRevisionFractional and Negative IndicesSolutions
The Product Rule for CountingRevision
Parallel and Perpendicular LinesRevision
Length of a LineRevision
Similar Shapes (Area and Volume)RevisionSimilar Shapes (Area and Volume)Solutions
Enlarging with Negative Scale FactorsEnlarging with Negative Scale FactorsSolutions
Circle TheoremsRevisionCircle TheoremsSolutions
Cumulative Frequency and Box PlotsRevisionCumlative Frequency and Box PlotsSolutions

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The Mathematics Department at the Bemrose School are a hardworking team who want the best for all of our students. We follow the Edexcel exam board and offer help after school every Tuesday and Thursday.