HMS Ambush

HMS Ambush Affiliation Ceremony

A ceremony has taken place at The Bemrose School to mark their affiliation with the Royal Navy’s latest state-of-the-art Astute Class hunter-killer super-submarine, HMS Ambush.

HMS Ambush, which is currently being fitted out ready for service, already has strong links with Derby, not least because her engines are powered by a long-life nuclear core developed by Rolls-Royce Marine Division, based in Raynesway.

Those bonds have now been strengthened at the affiliation ceremony held at Bemrose on Thursday, attended by Lieutenant James Boulton, 10 crew and members of the Royal Navy’s Careers Service.

Joanne Ward, head teacher at the Bemrose School, said: “We are extremely honoured to have been chosen as the only school in the city to be affiliated with HMS Ambush and we have very much enjoyed meeting Lieutenant Boulton and other members of her crew.”

“HMS Ambush is an extraordinary piece of engineering and we all share the sense of pride that our city has played such an integral part in her development.”

“We hope that by learning more about her today, our pupils will be inspired to look into pursuing careers in the Royal Navy or as engineers working on the next generation of submarines.”

Twelve storeys high and measuring the length of the pitch at Pride Park Stadium, HMS Ambush has thermal imaging and low light cameras instead of a periscope, boasts a top speed of 20 knots and will carry Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk land attack missiles in her tubes.

At the same time, her stealth equipment means that although weighing 7,400 tonnes she will make less noise than a baby dolphin as she moves through the water.

HMS Ambush completed her maiden dive last October and will go into service next year. She is the second of four Astute Class submarines to be built for the Royal Navy in Barrow, Cumbria, and her sister ship, HMS Astute, went into service last year.

Here are a few more photos taken from the ceremony …