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Humanities at The Bemrose School

As a Humanities department we strive to ensure our curriculum is as diverse as possible. Our students are exposed to as many places, cultures and histories in the world to broaden their understanding of the world whilst also appreciating the multicultural society in which they live.

The Humanities Area incorporates the subjects of history, geography, sociology and religious education. The world around us is constantly changing and through the study of the Humanities subjects, students will not only learn about the past and present but also consider the future. A high-quality humanities education will help students gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of world history and religion and also to understand the interdependent nature of the world through the study of geography and sociology. Students will study a range of environmental, social, political and cultural issues that are relevant to everyday life.

We aim to develop our student’s ability to investigate global issues and hold philosophical and ethical debates, whilst also debating the best course of action to ensure our planet is habitable for many years to come. Within lessons students will work individually and in group settings to ensure they can articulate their views with sound reasoning behind them. We also aim to develop students’ ability to think critically so that they are able to evaluate the best course of action to help solve global issues.

Curriculum Overview

Year 7 History

Year 8 History

Year 9 History

Year 10 GCSE History

Year 11 GCSE History

Year 7 Geography

Year 8 Geography

Year 9 Geography