Dear Parents/Carers,

I would like to introduce myself to you as the Service Coordinator of the Changing Lives Mental Health Support Team.

We are a team of Mental Health Practitioners based within The Bemrose School and work with numerous schools within the Derby City area.

We are an early intervention service that offers short-term, evidence-based interventions (6-8 sessions) to children and young people identified to have mild-moderate signs of anxiety/low mood.

For children in secondary schools the sessions will be 1:1. We also offer parent-led sessions for primary-aged children who have been identified to be struggling with their emotional wellbeing and group sessions for children with low self-esteem, exam stress and friendship worries.

We have just come through unprecedented times and we are finding some young people/families are struggling with their mental health and our service is here to help.

If you feel that your child is struggling, please speak to a member of the pastoral team, or the mental health lead within your school as they can submit a referral on your behalf or alternatively you can self-refer.

We have a shorter self-referral form for use by young people or their parents/carers to help make our service is accessible to everybody.

You can access the self-referral form by clicking here.

We can also support in signposting families to services appropriate to their needs if our service is not appropriate.

Kind regards

Tracey Meyrick

Service Coordinator- Changing Lives Derby & Derbyshire

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Your child may have heard or seen news about the Russia-Ukraine war. Some of the information around the topic may be unclear or frightening. As a parent or carer, it’s understandable that you might feel worried about this, but you can help to reassure your child.

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The Blues Programme

Our service runs a programme designed to support students aged 13-16 years. This is called the Blues Programme and focuses on providing tools and understanding to manage the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and low mood.

Click here for the letter that provides information on The Blues Programme. It includes details on how to opt out.

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