We currently have Mental Health Ambassadors in Year 6 and across the Key Stage 3 and 4.

After some intense training from the Changing Lives Team the team has been established.

They are taking part in activities throughout the year including Awareness Days and workshops with their peers.

Chairs of the Group

Saadia – Year 13

As the Chair of the Mental Health Team, my primary goal is to unite my team and initiate positive changes in the mental well-being of our school community. Unfortunately, there are individuals who don’t know the significance of mental health, perceiving it as a fleeting emotional state. This lack of awareness often leads to ignorance about the profound impact mental health has on students’ educational performance and physical well-being. My role as Chair, I am determined to address these misconceptions and increase awareness among students, parents, and staff members alike. By mastering a comprehensive understanding of mental health, we can create an inclusive environment where students feel safe, supported, and empowered both at school and at home. To achieve this, I recognise the importance of involving parents from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Each community brings unique perspectives and experiences, which can contribute to a holistic approach to mental health support. By joining cultural diversity and engaging parents in our goals, we can create a collaborative environment where everyone feels heard and valued. Collaboration is key to our success, and I am fortunate to work alongside a fellow chair who shares my vision. Together, we will leverage our skills and expertise to achieve our goals more efficiently.


Jed – Year 13

Hello all, My name is Jed and I am in year 13 and I have the privilege to be co-chairing the Mental Health Ambassadors with Saadia. I am a mental health ambassador for many reasons but in particular I want to be a supportive peer to others who might be struggling and support them through there hard time. I also want to make sure that mental health is not seen as negative and it is positive to speak out and we should not be afraid to say how we are feeling. I want to make sure everyone who is a MHA is valued and that there are rewards for their hard work such as time to have fun and play team games and maybe go out on different trips to make sure we are looking after out mental health. I want to expand the team of Mental Health Ambassadors. We want this team to be well known by everyone even by parents and teachers. Within the next year we will be making sure all mental health days are celebrated and there is information which is sent out which is interactive and not boring as it is important to speak out on these topics . I want to also make sure that parents and teachers have the opportunity to hear about what the school is doing to support the students and I am looking forward to be working with the team to come up with ways which we are able to give the information out.

Minute taker and admin Support

Muhammad – Year 9

Peer, Parental, Staff, Governors, Stakeholder Support and Educators

Alisha – Year 8

Asia – Year 8

Haiden – Year 8

Junior – Year 8

Katie – Year 8

Zahra – Year 8

Kopal – Year 11

Krystal – Year 13

Mahima – Year 9

Minahal – Year 9

Moosa – Year 9

Nurah – Year 9

Rafia – Year 9

Sofia – Year 11

Alishba – Year 10

‘What made me want to be a Mental Ambassador were many things that included wanting to offer support and advice to young people like myself and help others at Bemrose that are struggling with school anxiety. When going to the Primary School, we also let them know that there is always someone to talk to and show them we also had similar worries to them. 

In my journey of being a Mental Health Ambassador, I went to many meetings/trainings which helped me understand and develop my knowledge on helping people with their worries. When the training was over, we went to the Primary School for the afternoon and did activities to get to know them and to understand if they had any issues going on at home or school. I would say they enjoyed it a lot as well as me as it was nice getting to know them.’

Nusaybah – Year 9

Zainab – Year 9

Something made me go to Mental Health Training because it interested me to go there. In the training I learned so many new things that I didn’t know about. I got to go to Primary Bemrose to tell the children ‘do not worry about anything. We told them you’ll be fine in the Secondary and not to be scared of anything. You can do it, don’t worry.’

Fatimah – Year 9

‘I applied for the Mental Health Ambassador role because my friend was harming herself and I wanted to know how I could help. I had to do a few weeks of training, which was during my Thursday lunch. We did about 5 or 6 sessions and we learned about what causes mental health problems, who we can talk to about them, and how we can overcome them. This included us going to Renew Cafe to talk to people who just want someone to listen to or talk to. We spoke with them and had an amazing time taking part in activities such as colouring, jigsaws and dominos. I had an amazing time and was able to listen to some amazing stories. We also sat outside of Cherry Tree and spoke to some people, not just about mental health, but also just generally. As part of our activities, we also went down to Bemrose Primary to talk to the Year 6s about their transition. We spoke to them about their nerves, issues and just generally about themselves. I enjoyed this because it was a new experience and I would definitely encourage anyone to join the mental health ambassadors. You never know who you could help or make feel better.’

Haniyah – Year 9

Leah – Year 7

Aoife – Year 7

During Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, the Secondary Phase we will be taking applications for more Mental Health Ambassadors to build the team.

‘I am one of the many mental health first aiders here at The Bemrose School.

The reason why I wanted to become a Mental Health First Aider is because I believe it’s in my nature to not only put people first but I care an awful lot about the students here.

If I can make even a slight difference towards our students with how their thinking or feeling within my role, then that is the best feeling in the world to me. That’s why I do what I do!’

Head of House. The Bemrose School – Secondary Phase