Sixth Form

Think about your skills and interests…

Do you have the motivation to put in the amount of work needed to succeed at this level?

  • Why are you thinking of joining the 6th Form?
  • Which subjects do you currently enjoy?
  • What are you good at?

Think about the future…

  • If you have a particular career in mind make sure your subject choices are suitable.
  • Have a look at the careers your subjects could lead to – do any of them sound interesting?
  • Are you considering studying a particular subject at university? Does it have any specific entry requirements? – Find out now!
  • Be aware of the courses and careers that your subject choices could lead to.

Think about studying…

  • Are you expecting to achieve a higher grade (C or above) in this subject or a similar subject at GCSE?
  • Check with your teacher or the head of department that they are happy with you taking this subject.
  • Are you prepared to start carrying out a lot of your work independently?

Other things to consider…

  • Don’t forget to apply for your Bussary if you are eligible. (Application Forms available from 6th form office)
  • Some subjects have a large overlap of content (e.g. Health & Social Care). If you are considering two very similar subjects check to make sure you can count them both for entry to university.
  • Most universities will consider all A Level and BTEC subjects as being equivalent to one another – newer subjects are just as acceptable as more traditional subjects for entry to most degree courses. If you are concerned (e.g. if you are considering becoming a doctor or going to Oxford or Cambridge) check to make sure your subject choices are suitable.
  • You will usually take more subjects in Y12 than in Y13. You could use this as an opportunity to try something new that interests you at AS Level.
  • Bursary: Mr M Denison will help you complete this forms.

If you are not sure about any aspect of studying in the Sixth form or the suitability of your chosen subjects ask questions NOW. Don’t leave it until you are half way through the course!

Where to get information and ideas…

  • Talk to teachers, parents and friends – be prepared to listen to their advice.
  • Check the UCAS website for University entry requirements.
  • Look at for information about aspects of life as a student in Higher Education.
  • Look at the “Jobs for People interested in…” lists available in departments and the library.
  • Search the Jobs4U website for information about qualifications needed for particular jobs and careers.

Need more information?

Speak to:-

  • Mr M Wesley
  • Miss C Pavitt
  • Sixth Form Tutors
  • Connexions Advisor

Use the resources in the careers library in the main library – “How to Choose your ‘A’ Levels”, “Which ‘A’ Level” and books about specific careers can be borrowed over a weekend – ask in the Library.

Don’t Forget…

  • Choose subjects that you expect to enjoy and find interesting! This will help to keep you motivated.

Further Higher Education

Post 16 opportunities are available within Colleges, Sixth Forms, Training Providers and Apprenticeship Schemes. Please use the links below to research opportunities that are on offer to you.

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