We work in a stimulating and culturally rich learning environment, in which our students are able to thrive. It is our goal to ensure that all students become happy, confident, thoughtful and imaginative individuals who leave The Bemrose School with a bank of creative skills, which will enable them to excel in the outside world.

The Creative Arts, Design and Technology curriculum provides students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively, problem solve and explore the wider world around them. The department offers a range of experiences that enable students to develop the social, intellectual and creative skills that are fundamental to their development and future success, increasing their ability to become innovative and creative individuals.

At KS3 students receive 2 hours of art and music lessons a fortnight and 4 hours of Design and technology. The KS3 curriculum for each of these subjects is designed to embed life skills, with enriching experiences and is structured in such a way that builds on prior learning, equipping students with the necessary skills to progress to KS4. At KS4 students can opt to take GCSE Art, Textiles, Design and Technology, Food preparation and nutrition and vocational Music.

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