The English curriculum is designed to be knowledge rich, increasing pupils’ cultural capital at every opportunity. As a team one of our primary goals is to unlock the potential of all pupils by promoting reading for pleasure across the school. We study a range of texts from a diverse collection of authors throughout the history of the English language. Our curriculum is sequenced to enable pupils to draw effective links between themes, styles and skills across a range of different contexts.

The English Area incorporates all aspects of the teaching of English and English literature. We seek to make all of the different strands and topics stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding for pupils. The curriculum is designed to challenge all pupils, both in terms of their skills in use of understanding different modes of communication, and also in their broader thinking about the world in which we live.

We aim to develop in our pupils the ability to communicate effectively in both talk and in writing, across a range of text styles for a variety of different purposes. Similarly, we endeavour to enable pupils to be analytical participants in society, able to explore and evaluate the meanings in texts that they read.

Curriculum Overview

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