Business, Computer Science and IT Welcome

We aspire for our area to be one of the most exciting, forward-thinking and creative areas in The Bemrose School. In IT, Business, and Computer Science we are adapting to real world changes, responding to the future and upcoming technologies. Our subjects are dynamic: we change as technology changes, ensuring the knowledge and skills you learn are both relevant and useful to the wider world.

In IT and Computer Science, you will learn to program. This a challenging but very enjoyable skill. You will have the reward of getting your own program to work and develop a real sense of achievement as well as a much-valued workplace skill.

We are all users, using IT in our everyday lives. You will also learn about how to make use of the digital world in a safe and responsible way. You will see how IT enriches our understanding of who we are the world around us. In IT you are able to develop skills to create professional looking websites and graphics.

In Business, we focus on how the theoretical concepts we cover in lessons link to real life businesses. We analyse businesses and evaluate the effectiveness of different business practices, learning how to make a business more efficient and successful. This includes looking at how businesses can be socially responsible within our communities and enrich the local area. You will again develop desirable knowledge and understanding for further study and employment.

In many of our subjects, you will be able to undertake the creative development of your own product ideas and enterprises. Skills are developed in our area which will support your future employment.