General Principle

To enable our students/children to engage fully in society we plan for our curriculum to be broad and relevant. In doing this we provide opportunities for students/children to not only gain relevant academic and vocational qualifications, but also to become upstanding, caring, hardworking citizens, who can care for others. We intend that the education they will receive will enable them to see the benefits of lifelong learning, securing economic prosperity for themselves, whilst making a valuable contribution to the British society.

We plan for our students/children to learn new and important functional skills which will allow them to access the curriculum and allow effective progress to be made. There is a fast track policy to meet the needs of our most able students/children and we have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing individual support for students/children with learning and language difficulties. Bemrose is an Enhanced Resource School offering specialist facilities for students with communication difficulties.

All students follow PSHE and citizenship that embrace democracy, the rule of law, liberty, equality, mutual respect and tolerance across all faiths and beliefs. This is fundamental at The Bemrose School.

Years 7, 8 and 9 (Key Stage 3)

Our emphasis is on the acquisition of skill and knowledge across a broad range of subjects. We offer the core national curriculum subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities including Religious Education, Citizenship, ICT, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Arts and Modern Languages. In year 7 the pupils engage in a scheme of Topic based lessons incorporating Religious Education and Citizenship as well as other subjects. These lessons focus on core competences and skills whilst developing good habits of learning that can be used as foundations in all other subjects.


Subject Year 7 Hours Year 8 Hours Year 9 Hours
English 7 8 8
Maths 7 7 7
Science 7 7 7
Geography & History 6 0 0
Geography, History, RE & PSHE 0 9 9
Modern Foreign Languages 4 4 4
Design Technology 4 4 4
PE 4 4 4
Arts 4 4 4
Computing Science 3 3 3
Topic (English, Humanities, RE & Citizenship) 4 0 0
Total Hours 50 Hours 50 Hours 50 Hours

Students are taught in a range of groupings based in the subject they are following and the year they are in. PE is always taught in single sex groupings.

Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4)

Students have an opportunity to gain GCSE, OCR Cambridge National and BTEC qualifications. All students study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science, PE, RE and PSHCE.


Subject Year 10 Hours Year 11 Hours
English 8 8
Maths 8 8
Science 8 8
PE 4 4
RE 2 2
PSHE 2 2
Options (x3) 18 18
Total Hours 50 Hours 50 Hours

In addition they have the opportunity to study three subjects from: Art & Design, Business, Food Technology, French, Spanish, Geography, Child Development, Health & Social Care, History, Computer Science, Product Design, Textiles, Sociology, Sports Studies and Triple Science.  Some students follow vocational courses on our work related learning programme. Students and parents are fully involved.



Current Year 11: 2022 Examinations
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
History Computer Science Geography
Triple Science History Spanish
Art Business Art
DT-Resistant Materials Child Development ESOL
iMedia Health and Social Care Health and Social Care
DT-Textiles iMedia Music
Vocational Vocational Sociology


Current Year 10: 2023 Examinations
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Triple Science Computer Science Spanish
History Geography French
Art Business Art
ESOL Child Development DT-Resistant Materials
Health and Social Care Health and Social Care iMedia
Music iMedia Vocational
Sport Sociology
Key Skills

Post 16

We offer Post 16 courses to all students who meet the schools criteria. At level 3 students can study ICT, Business, Health & Social Care, Sport, Child Development, Science, Maths, English, Art and Sociology. In addition level 2 qualifications are offered in Maths and English for those students who have not achieved a higher grade. At Level 2 there is also an Apprenticeship in Business Administration. These courses are supplemented by a broad enrichment programme of PE and Citizenship complimented by opportunities to gain Key Skills and work experience. We work closely with a range of partners to help our students make the right decisions about Post 16 education, training and employment.



Level 3 Qualifications [x4] 10 Hours
Level 2 Maths and or English 4 Hours each
PE 2 Hours
Citizenship 2 Hours


Current Year 13: Examinations 2022
Option A Option B Option C Option D
Sociology Applied Science Child Development English
L2 English Business Studies Health & Social Care
Forensic Science
L1/2 Child Care L1/2 Child Care L1/2 Child Care


Current Year 12: Examinations 2023
Option A Option B Option C Option D Option E
Sociology Applied Science Forensic Science Business Studies L2 Maths
L2 English Child Development Business Studies Health & Social Care
L1/2 Child Development L1/2 Child Development L1/2 Child Development



Working Together

At The Bemrose School we believe that to be successful we need the support, interest and full involvement of parents. We want to work closely with parents to make plans and decisions affecting our students’/children’s futures together. Our learning platform cements partnerships by providing information on home learning, rewards and timetabling. Alongside our belief that a partnership with parents is essential, we work hard to foster partnerships with other training providers and schools in order to increase the breadth of provision.

Support for Learning

We pride ourselves on the quality and extent of the support we offer to students with learning, language and communication needs. The Bemrose School is a truly inclusive school.

We believe that interesting and challenging homework can make a vital contribution to our students’/children’s learning. Homework is set at least once a week in each subject through our learning platform. We encourage our students to develop their initiative to learn by using research resources, which are available out-of-hours.

An Enriched Educational Experience

We believe that activities outside the classroom can enrich and extend our students’ learning. We offer a full range of clubs at lunchtime and after school including ICT, Reading, Science and sports clubs to name but a few. Our students/children enjoy many visits to museums and theatres, both locally and further afield. We organise visits to London, the Ypres Battle fields, Paris and a ski holiday in Europe, as well as fieldwork trips to support students’ learning. Students from the school have also undertaken voluntary work in Africa and India. There is an extensive sporting calendar, with many inter-form as well as inter-school matches. Our students regularly celebrate considerable success at local, county and national level.

Preparing For The Future

We have a well structured careers programme with students receiving support in specific careers lessons and from our school based Careers Advisers. The emphasis is on decision- making and students are encouraged to focus on their strengths, leading to well-informed decisions about their future. In Year 10 all students undertake a form of work experience which is linked to the work they do in other lessons. This combination helps students to appreciate the world of work and how this can support success in their studies. We are developing partnerships with world of work and business link organisations in order to enhance the opportunities available to our students.

Read about our Careers Provision which starts from Year 1 in our Primary phase right through to our Year 13 students who attend our Sixth Form.

Careers Curriculum

Celebrating Diversity

We acknowledge and work towards accepting and valuing difference. Our curriculum reflects the rich and varied cultures represented by Bemrose students/children. Pride in culture is encouraged through celebrations in which the whole school takes part.

PSHE and Citizenship


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